How to manage risks in crowdsourcing innovation?

On my PhD thesis research I will build the theoretical framework that will make possible an enhanced understanding of this complex socio-organizational problem related with risk taken and crowdsourcing innovation.  So the research question will concentrate on each of the following items:

        What risks are associated with the prospect of crowdsourcing  innovation

        What model of risk management to implement based on a model of crowdsourcing  innovation

        What human aspects should be considered and what management style should be adopted

        What kind of technology architecture is most appropriate to implement a risk management model associated to  crowdsourcing innovation


2 Responses to “How to manage risks in crowdsourcing innovation?”

  1. Hi Lieda,

    Most probably you already have and or are contributing, but i came across it and instantly thought of the work you are doing. It’s a collective bibliographic effort to join in one place scientific publications around Collective Inteligence in CiteUlike:

    Anyway, this was also an excuse to came here and say «Hi, how you doing?». See you around,


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