What is crowdsourcing innovation

The term crowdsourcing was coined by Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson in June 2006 issue of Wired magazine (Howe, 2006) , it describes a new web-based business model that harnesses the creative solutions of a distributed network of individuals through what amounts to an open call for proposals. In other words, a company posts a problem by an open call and a vast number of individuals offer solutions to the problem. The winning ideas are awarded some form of a bounty and the company mass produces the idea for its own gain. This strategy can be applied in two ways: (1) by internally identifying business problems and needs for innovation felt by individuals, teams and organizational units (seekers) that are then made available to a community of internal and external specialists motivated to provide their knowledge and skills to address those problems. In doing so brings, employees of the company can improve their internal visibility and be empowered in decision processes across the company; (2) by placing the company’s innovation challenges to a brokering service that can find the right people to present the solutions (solvers).


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